July Tournament closes and October tournament Commences
this week
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SCL Weekly Updates

Jul 1st , Write Up from Shaji

I  and Ajay Bhai, CricStars after his umpiring stint ,  sitting at   long off Boundary and analysing  the last final of the day  .

Thunders were  so  intimidating   that  Foyej was withdrawn  from attack   from one over after conceding 27 in a over  , it was so thunderous that  Ratheesh and Mega took the game away from kala   so clinically    with his  31  ball 87  and another 3 more balls he could have easily touched the 3 figure ..  Usually  tidy Kuntal, bleed himself from the onslaught from the  soft spoken Mega .. It  was  mega Sixures all over the ground..

  Yashwinder  Singh Hooda , the Hariyana lad  , playing in first season ,  the  second most successful  bowler(18 wickets) in SCG ,Behind Manju TON(20 wickets) this season  along with Sumit Kalra's googlies  at the death   helped kala  from  Thunders, from breaching the  200  run mark.  

 While walking back   some one whispered to the tiring kala boys  ears that  , i still need to  identify the  messenger,  if they can hit this KALA bowling for  162 , you can hit them back in 13 overs .. i think  , Foyej from Bangladesh and Faris from Srilanka  over heard it and kept it  to themselves .

After looking at the  final target  163 in 15 overs , My self , Bipin and Ajay bhai decided to go for the  trophy distribution   and settled for the day . 

We  started to distribute  the hard earned  fifties and  5wickets trophies    to the rightful owners. Mean time on the ground  Girish krishnan  gave a good in the  company of  Foyej    but fell soon  , then  Sumit  followed  and  at the 6th over Kuntal  fell first ball  to Satya  .. 48 for 3  in 6 over 

Thunders almost  celebrated the trophy ...

Ajay Bhai walked away  with his trophy .

Bipin bhai, my self and Kiran Focused intensely on   Trophy distribution ..  nothing more to look forward  other than to finish off the  formalities 

Foyej and Faris in the middle  , i believe ,they  remembered  the messenger message  and  attacked  Thunders  , they will remember this in the  few seasons to come .. 

   I heard the roars  at the rope .. Faris Faris ... Foyej   Foyej  , i stopped  handing trophies and ran to   see  the huge crowd cheering a massacre ..   just 50 in 4 overs .. infact Faris Foyej duo settled it in 3 overs  that was the   power of hitting ...

 They never scored a boundary between them   but cleared the boundary at will ..  by 14th over it was 163 for  3  unbeaten  115 runs in  8 overs .. 

  Faris    was carried   on  shoulders  , Foyej was carried   on shoulder.. Tuskers moving like  Ferraris ... families rushed to  greet their   leaders at home .. total ecstasy in SCG  

An unbelievable chase greatest and biggest of all time ..  that too on a final  with pressure mounting on every ball . 

 In between  Puneet bhai send me messages that  Royal finally   fulfilled the promises   . As the Royals     hunted the slow moving  Tuskers too    and finally got the crown   which will be a  first land mark but a stepping stone for future successes . 

 Virat 11 ,  veni, vidi  vici .. Came... saw  .. conquered in the first instance .. They had  hand full of trophies .. i think  they might have ordered a truck to carry so many trophies ..  Well done boys 

In fact they  just under 25 years   and   below and   a well oiled machinery ...

Kani and Cric Fighters  started to feel boring for some time  and  they today  they  took the 12th   championship at SCG  and promptly called for a 2 season break  .. 

The  withdrawal news  spread like a wild fire and  every  Sunday div 1 teams smiled to the  bank   and heart full of wishes ... 

 So Kala  also decided to have a much needed   2 week break from SCG   and  Kuntal and   boys will be back on  20th of July .. as Foyej was telling  KALa have T20 , Div 2  and Div1 championship  today   , the cycle is fulfilled  and  reboot and restart  to refresh  in 20  days  ..

SCG  is fun and charity .. some win some just missed 

 Don’t loose the  heart 

Come  back and  play , enjoy .. believe you will  win . it may be your turn next 

  New tournament started  and we have the first tie this morning at  pitch 1  , Star friends vs JWCC  good start to Sunday league let's all enjoy the friendship of SCG, my friends and brothers . 

I will be away for a week  .  see you all  soon.